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Covid-19 Update

19/07/2021 UPDATE: As restrictions have now been removed, you no longer need to wear a mask on site (if you choose to wear one that is fine too.) Our booking slots will remain the same for the time being and we will still be cleaning between games - sanitising stations will still be in place too.

Game sizes can now be eight players with no restrictions on bubbles. 

If you need to reschedule your game due to self isolation please contact us as soon as possible. Refunds will not be given but we can reschedule/offer a gift voucher that lasts 18 months so your team can still enjoy being locked away at Roomsmiths.

Thank you for supporting our small independent business during these odd days we live in!

Like most businesses in the UK we closed doors on 23rd March 2020 but we are pleased to welcome you back to get locked away from July 4th!(Even after lockdown, you're all keen to get locked away in our escape rooms, right?) 

And like most businesses we are having to make some adjustments to make sure that we're covid secure so please read this page prior to booking your game! (You'll also get similar information in your booking confirmation so don't worry if you've already gone ahead and booked!

We've updated our booking slots. We've gone from eight booking slots to six so that we have more time in between each game to clean thoroughly. We ask that you arrive five minutes before your game begins - no earlier and no later so we don't have to keep you waiting outside! Please let us know if you think you'll be late and we will try to reschedule your game.

There will be sanitising stations throughout. Upon your arrival you'll be asked to use the sanitiser in our hallway (we'll buzz you in after checking your booking name!) There will also be another wall mounted sanitising gel (W.H.O certified,) in game and one in our reception too.

We ask that you bring your own mask. We will have a limited supply of disposable masks for our customers, we just ask you dispose of these yourself at home. We will be able to keep at least two meters away from your group thanks to the way our building is set up! 

We'll be adhering to the 2 Metre rule. As mentioned before, we'll be able to buzz you in (instead of greeting you at the door, unfortunately! We promise we're not being rude!) and you'll be able to have the usual briefing at a safe distance. You'll be pointed in the right direction for The Naked Eye (sorry, The Rubicon is still under construction!) and we'll lock you in once your group is inside!

We know groups will be a little different for a while. We know that it will mostly be household, "social bubble," or two household (with social distancing,) groups from 4th July for the time being. We'll be keeping updated as always and will be updating this page when we know more information - we'll try and add your questions to a separate FAQ if needed too. We ask that when booking your experience your team is made up from the above groups, this is your responsibility to adhere to.

If you or any members of your group are unwell (even if you think it is just a cold!) please call us as soon as possible so we can rearrange your booking! We want your team to fully enjoy the game!


Please keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages where we will be posting some discount codes for family groups (four player games and over) with kids!

The Rubicon is still under construction! We'll let all our previous players know when we need tester groups first but we're hoping that it will be complete by end of summer! If you have any question please don't hesitate to contact us!

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